Seeking the beautiful

Green. Sun. Life.  These were the concepts that flitted through my head like the passing Alabama forest this morning.  I woke up to hot sun and green light.  And for a moment, I was deeply satisfied.  We have spent the past two weeks in the upper Northeast and the Midwest, where the temperatures were the 'let's get inside' or, 'why the heck are we still out of doors', variety.  

And I was amazed to see a turkey vulture the other day in Columbus, and had no idea why I was surprised.  I usually see animals all the time, but the weather has been driving me to hide.  

How much life do we miss because we pass it so quickly?  How much of life do we miss because we are avoiding pain?  

Be present.  Seek the beautiful today.  Don't ignore it because you are too busy.  You are usually busy so you can make money to enjoy the beautiful things in life.  

Seek that now.  Seek the beauty in your moment, in your pain, in your sorrow and in your joy.  Feel it and own it and move beyond it to more beauty.  Find the beauty in this day.